Pro-actively thinking with our customers is very important to us. We fill in the gaps that are left open by others. We don’t just follow your project, but are in the middle of it. We know the way in cable land. That’s good to know.


That’s smart: cables that are packed per segment. In this way we take a part of your production process out of your hands. We can usually act faster than you could do on location.


The 9-to-5 mentality is a foreign term to us. Our people are available pretty much around the clock. We are here for our customers; not only during office hours, but always! That’s why we say: “DTC Elektro, always connected”.


Questions in the market evolve continiously, and we evolve with them. That’s why we supply cable in lengths you ask for, with labels and coding. Why do it the hard way when it can be so much easier?!


The customer is always in a hurry. Wants to – and must – go on. That is where a big part of our strength lies. When necessary to move and act quickly; that’s wat we do. We don’t sell products. We sell solutions.


Challenging us with special wish? No problem: that’s exactly what we like so much! We are competent, cabling is our thing. Put your wishes on the table; we will start working with them!